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Mobile Phone Rentals

With a mobile GSM world phone a person can place and receive calls on almost every continent. Travel to over 177+ countries with a single mobile phone! With an IMS mobile phone, calling abroad while travelling is more convenient and cost-effective than paying those costly hotel or pay phone surcharges.

* Plus airtime and long distance charges on mobile phones.

IMS phone rentals connect you to more than 177+ countries throughout the world with just one mobile phone.

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International Mobile Services Inc.

As one of Ottawa's leaders in the wireless repairs, rentals, and sales we continually aspire to upgrade our services, technology, capabilities and advance our skills.


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International Mobile Services Inc.
#3-4025 Innes Road
Innes and Jeanne D'arc in the KFC plaza
Orleans, On K1C 1T1

(613) 845-0444

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